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Chain Wallets

STOP losing your wallet! Chain it to you. Having your billfold chained to you will keep you from leaving your wallet behind. Read More Great for traveling, so pickpockets can't steal it from you while you are enjoying the sights. These custom leather wallets with chain are various sizes, like the biker chain wallets that are longer, and have the wallet features you are looking for.

  • Hardy Made in USA

    Hardy Trifold Chain Wallet


    This trifold chain wallet is made in the USA. Designed for biker's and trucker's but great for teens too. The leather trifold chain wallet stays securely closed with two snaps. The included sturdy 12" chain connects the wallet to a leather loop that will...

  • Hardy Made in USA

    Hardy Credit Card Trucker Wallet


    Always leaving your wallet behind or losing it from getting in and out of your vehicle? Attach it to yourself with this chain wallet. Safely secure your wallet to your belt or belt loop on your pants. Inside there is an ID window, five credit card slots,...