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FAQs About Wallets & Wallet Accessories

  1. What are credit card holders called?
    The main name is credit card holder, however they can go by credit card case, card case wallet, and credit card wallet. 
  2. What is an example of a card holder?
    An example of a credit card holder would be one that is made of leather and has multiple credit card slots to carry your cards. May include an ID window compartment for your driver's license as well. This is an example of a credit card holder.
  3. What is a card holder used for?
    Credit card holders are used to carry and organize your credit cards, gift cards, ATM cards, business cards, discount cards and more.
  4. How can I get a credit card holder?
    The best and really the easiest way to get a card holder is to order online from a place that specializes in credit card cases that has a plethora of choices from slim designs to carrying many cards of 36 or more cards.
  5. What is the thinnest wallet?
    Front pocket wallets or credit card cases are generally the thinnest wallets as they limit the amount of items you can carry making the wallet as slim as possible. For the slimmest leather wallets under 0.5" thick visit thin front pocket wallets.
  6. What are the wallet compartments called?
    There are a few compartments that make up a wallet. The bill compartment is the long open pocket that can carry your cash with some having a divider in them so you can organize your cash, receipts, notes, etc.  The credit card compartments are referred to as slots. There are open pockets found under the credit card slots called open pockets or slide pockets. The clear window is the ID compartment that can hold your driver's license, medical cards, etc.
  7. What are slide pockets in a wallet?
    Slide pockets are often called open pockets and they can hold extra items like gift cards, medical cards, extra credit cards, etc. They are also good to use when you want to add more storage by adding a wallet insert to your wallet. The wallet insert has a tab on it that you slide into the slide pocket to hold the plastic insert in place.
  8. Why do wallets have two bill compartments?
    Often you will find a divider in the bill compartment creating 2 or more bill compartments. This helps in organizing your cash by denomination or so you can keep your cash separate from other items you may carry like receipts, bills, tickets, etc.
  9. Do guys still carry wallets? What kind of wallet should a man carry? Which leather wallet is best for men?
    Yes! The most popular style would be the bifold wallet. A man should carry a wallet that will hold all of his daily essentials.