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Wallets for Men - Style Guide

Wallets for Men

Every man needs a wallet, but choosing the right one can be challenging. Two things to look for in a man's wallet are functionality and style. For the most part it is an overlooked accessory as it sits in your pocket. However when you go to pay for something or show your ID, it can be a real fashion statement and a way to show off your personal style. For it to be functional for you, your wallet needs to be designed to hold your everyday carry items like your cash, credit cards, health insurance card, and your ID.

Wallets for Men

Men's Wallets Style Guide

Choosing the correct type of wallet for your needs is as important for function as it is for style. You have different needs and you're going to need a different wallet that fits those needs. Here is a list of the various styles of wallets for men available today. This list will help guide you in making the correct wallet choice.

Bifold Wallet

The most popular and timeless choice for any gentleman is the men's bifold wallet. These wallets fold in half and lay relatively flat (depending on its structure and the items carried in it). Common features found inside a bifold are card slots, ID pocket, coin pocket, bill compartment (some have bill compartment dividers to organize your cash, receipts, tickets, etc) and open pockets behind the main sections. View Bifold Wallets

Trifold Wallet

Trifold wallets get their name from how the wallet folds into thirds. The outer third of the wallet folds in and then the opposite side folds over it. This design causes the wallet to be bulkier than a bifold wallet but is typically smaller in size. Common features in a trifold wallet is a bill compartment (with or without a bill divider), ID pocket (sometimes that flip out or up), and will typically have more credit card slots than the average billfold. View Trifold Wallets

Hipster Wallet

Also known as Attache wallets, a hipster wallet is a larger size bifold wallet. While taller and wider to hold more than the typical bifold wallet, it is usually considered a dressier wallet commonly used by professionals. View Hipster Wallet

Zipper Wallet

A men's zipper wallet is basically a bifold wallet with an outer zipper closure to keep everything inside the wallet from falling out. A mens zip around wallet will have limits to how much it can hold in order to safely close properly. This would be a good wallet for those who tend to overstuff their billfold. View Zipper Wallets

Chain Wallet

Popularized by biker's, the men's wallet with chain was used to prevent their wallet from falling out of their back pocket and into the street. The billfold is attached to the rider's belt loop by the wallet chain. Other's use a chain wallet to add extra style to their wardrobe while other people use it for its functionality in not forgetting their wallet at the cash register after a purchase has been made. View Chain Wallets

Long Wallet

Also known as a coat wallet, breast wallet, or suit wallet, the men's long wallets are made for suit coat pockets. Cash is inserted flat and doesn't need to be folded and plenty of room for credit cards. Gentleman will utilize their inner suit pocket to carry this long bifold wallet. View Long Wallets

Checkbook Wallet

A men's checkbook wallet is also a longer bifold wallet that is made to carry your checks. You can also find them with long pockets for cash (doesn't need to be folded), more credit card slots, ID window and/or a pen holder. View Checkbook Wallets

Credit Card Holder

Credit card holders are typically designed to hold credit cards, gift cards, debit cards, medical cards, and often your ID. Some have a gusset pocket that will allow you to hold many cards in it and some men use this pocket to carry folded cash. A few credit card wallets will even have a small bill compartment that can carry bills. View Credit Card Holders

Money Clip Wallet

A money clip wallet will typically be a bifold wallet without a bill compartment but will have a money clip in the center fold or on the back of the wallet. They feature credit card holders that maintain a slim design and can be generally carried in your front pocket.

There's also a money clip card holder that is a smaller version of the money clip wallet, it's design varies but is typically slimmer, more lightweight, and flatter with the money clip on one side and credit card slots on the other side. They are an easy way to carry a few bills and cards and it fits nicely in your front pant pocket. View Money Clip Wallets

Key Wallet

A key holder wallet will typically have 4, 6, 8, or 12 hooks inside to carry your keys with a bill compartment to hold cash. They often have card slots in them to carry one or two of your most used credit cards. These key holders are popular to keep your keys organized and from tearing holes in your pocket from carrying your keys on just a key ring. View Key Wallets

Travel Wallets

Designed specifically for travelers, travel wallets include passport holders, travel id holder, and minimal wallets like weekend wallets. They can carry your important travel documents, tickets, passport, ID, and more. View Travel Wallets

What to Look for in a Leather Wallet

You will want a wallet that is practical to use, comfortable to carry (in your pocket whether in a suit pocket, front or back pants pocket, a backpack), and attractive to hold. You will use your wallet many times throughout the day so be sure it is functional, stylish, and within your budget.

You may need multiple wallets depending on the occasion. Not only do you need your everyday wallet, you may need a passport wallet when traveling, or maybe a minimalist wallet to carry just the essentials for a night out or weekend trip. There isn't going to be one wallet that fits all of your needs all of the time.

The type of material the wallet is made from is also important for the durability, feel, and style when selecting the perfect wallet. For a breakdown of the various leathers used to make wallets please see our Types of Leather Used to Make a Wallet Guide

Are you looking for extra security with a RFID wallet? Stop electronic pickpocketing from happening to you. Learn more about RFID technology and RFID wallets.

Wallet Care

Many men will make the mistake of overstuffing their wallet which will greatly reduce the life of their wallet. It is important to select a wallet that is deigned to hold everything you carry. Otherwise keep it simple and just carry your essentials like cash, a debit card, credit card, pictures of loved ones, and an ID. Think about it, how many times have you been in line struggling through stacks of cards to reach that one card you are looking for. Get rid of or store at home all the old business cards, expired membership cards, gift cards, and credit cards you don't use anymore. Also, keep your wallet away from long exposure to sunlight. Keep your wallet away from water and hard chemicals. If you wallet becomes wet or damp, wipe it gently with a cloth.