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Money Clip How to Use One

Some men find carrying a wallet with a bunch of credit cards, gift cards, receipts, ATM slips, cash, etc. too much to haul around in their pockets. An attractive alternative would be to use an elegant money clip wallet, an accessory that can be carried virtually unnoticed in your pants pocket or in a breast pocket because of its slim design. It is a great choice for carrying paper currency because of its sense of style, minimalist design, and how easy it is to use. To help you understand better, we have created this guide that will explain how to use a money clip and the various options that are available.

Money Clip Wallet

Getting to Know the Basics

You will find money clips to be convenient in managing your day to day cash once you learn how they are used. The first thing you need to do is to collect all your credit cards and paper bills. Destroy any expired credit cards and throw away any empty gift cards you have so you are not carrying any unnecessary weight. These clips are for minimalist, so if you like to carry a lot of stuff and use your pocket as a filing cabinet then you may want to stick with a wallet or get a money clip card holder.

There are four common types of clips: magnetic, pump handle, spring/hinged, and stiff. For most of these you will fold your bills in half and push the folded side into the clip where it would be held. Other types of clip wallets will have a leather card holder with card pockets to hold your various cards.

Once you have your cash and/or cards secured in the wallet with money clip it is ready to be carried. Some styles, for easy access, allow the clip to be attached to the material of your pocket. However most men will carry their clip in a pant or coat pocket. If you are in a restaurant, store or anywhere you need to use cash, reach in and grab the bill or bills you need to make your purchase. You can also pull the whole clip out if you had placed it in your pocket and go through any currency or bill you want to use.

Assemble Your Cash in Order

Since you have learned how to fold your paper bills and where to put your credit cards, there are a few other things you need to bear in mind. For convenience, the larger bills should be placed on the bottom while the smaller ones should be on top. When the bills are folded over, the small bills will be easier to pull out of the clip from the center of the stack. This makes it easier when you want to make day to day purchases. For security purposes though, the smaller bills should be folded over so they are on the top of the pile. This way you won't be advertising all the cash you are carrying from prying eyes.

Slip Your Cards and Money into the Clip

Slide the stack of cash into the clip with the folded side first. The clip will be strong enough to hold them in place. You can slip your ID, debit or credit card in the card holder if you are using a clip that has an attached card holder.

Placing Your Slim Clip Wallet in Your Pocket

Since the accessory is ready, all you need to do is to make a decision on where you want to carry it. There are few options on where to carry it. You can easily access your clip from your front pocket of your pants opposite the one where you carry your phone and keys.

It can also be convenient to place it in the rear pocket of your pants. However it can feel uncomfortable when sitting down and can sometimes lead to back pain. You may even want to carry it in your breast pocket of your coat or jacket.

Pulling Money from the Clip

It should not take long to learn how you can slide individual bills from the clip. You will need to practice a little if you want to be a proficient at it. If you arranged your cards or cash in order, you can even pull them out without having to remove the entire clip. However, feel free to remove the clip and go through your cards or the bills as needed.

Tips for Choosing the Best Money Clip

If it is your first time using a slim clip, then you need to have some idea of what to look for. To make your search easier in finding the perfect money clip wallet at WalletGear we include filters you can refine your search by such as number of card slots, ID pockets, material, brand, clip type, price and whether it is RFID lined to protect your data from thieves. They come in many different styles, designs, and colors including a range of prices that can fit any guys budget. Below are a few factors you need to consider when selecting this type of accessory.

The Stiff Clip

It is one of the most functional and simplest designs in men's accessories. They hold your money and cards tightly in place. They come in different shapes and some will look like folded pieces of metal or other cool designs. Although they look simple, they are one of the most elegant accessories to carry in your pocket. The only drawback is that they lack storage space compared to the other models. However, you will be intrigued by their ‘classic' design.

Money Clip Card Holder

This type of clip comes with attached pockets usually made of leather that allow you to carry your credit cards and ID. Their storage size tend to differ depending on the models. Unlike other designs, these will give you ample storage that can be useful in carrying between one to multiple cards around.

Double Money Clips

There are clips that have more than one metal clip that will give you a second storage space for holding your everyday cash. The first clip will always work the same way as the extra clip and can be operated simultaneously. Although the clip might become a little bulkier with the extra storage, you benefit from more space to hold your money and cards.


They are made from a vast array of materials. They include leather like Italian, Top Grain, Napa, Synthetic, or other skins such as Eel, Stingray, or even Metal, Magnets, and more. The actual clip that holds money can be a pump handle style that you can easily flip open and close to access your cash. There is the spring/hinges style that is a little harder to open and close but provides a more secure hold that they snap open and push down until it locks in. Then the stiff style is typically leather covered and allow you to slide your cash under the clip.

RFID Protection to Guard Against Electronic Pickpocketing

Clip wallets with RFID lined blocking material will Protect yourself from digital theft. Criminals use card readers to steal personal info from your credit card without leaving your pocket. RFID money clips keep your sensitive info out of hands of ID thieves.

Front Pocket Wallets

Money clip wallets are considered to be a more modern and stylish choice compared to other traditional forms of carrying your cash. The front pocket wallet allows you to carry only your necessities. You can hold your folded money, cards, and ID conveniently using the slim style of the clip wallet. Plus your credit cards can be seen and organized easily so they are more convenient to use. They stack quite a punch in both utility and style.

Money Clip

However, you can always be sure of the right choice depending on your preferences in the amount of cash or credit cards you want to carry. There are authentic, unique and interesting clip wallets that suit your taste. Although you might be working on a particular budget, it is important to choose quality products because of their stylish and durable nature. Every guy has a different opinion on what actually works for them. It is a personal decision to choose the type of wallet you wish to carry every day.

Why Every Guy Needs One

It's the cure for a fat wallet. They can help you choose and narrow down which credit card and ID are most important for you to carry. It does not necessarily need to replace your wallet either, but can be used when you want go out with a lighter load. A bulgy wallet can change the shape of your pants, however a slim clip can go practically unnoticed. They are available in different styles and designs that can be carried in your pants pocket or coat pocket. They are great for if you only need to leave your house with the essentials that are important for your everyday transactions.

A simple and lightweight solution choosing the best clip can also impress as a cool fashion accessory. Money clips are highly recommendable to carry and give as a gift because they are not only convenient, but also easy to use.