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Wallet Inserts

Are you tired of dealing with cracked or worn-out sleeves in your wallet? Read More Look no further! We offer high-quality and durable wallet inserts that are specifically designed to replace those cheap plastic windows that come with most wallets. Our wallet inserts for credit cards and photos are the perfect solution to instantly add more space to your wallet.

With our clear plastic inserts, you can easily increase your wallet's storage capacity without the need to purchase a new one. These heavy-duty credit card plastic inserts are built to last and flip effortlessly, allowing you to conveniently select the card or photo you need.

Our wallet windows come in various sizes and styles to fit different wallet types, including trifold, bifold, secretary, hipster, and zipper wallets. You might recognize the accordion-style inserts from popular TV shows and movies. As someone showcases their family or a wide range of credit cards, you'll witness the accordion wallet insert expand and unfold, making it a convenient choice.

Whether you have a trifold or bifold wallet, we offer a range of size options for credit cards and photos to ensure a perfect fit. Our secretary wallet inserts feature staggered pages down the spine, allowing for easy flipping through. They are specially made for secretary and checkbook wallets.

For those who prefer the popular double high hipster wallet style like the RFID Buxton Double High Hipster Wallet, we have the ideal credit card holder designed to fit perfectly.

By adding our wallet plastic inserts to your wallet, you'll enjoy increased storage space and the ability to carry more credit cards, membership cards, business cards, and pictures with ease. Our durable and convenient plastic credit card holders can be placed in an open credit card slot, an open pocket, or in your bill compartment, instantly maximizing your wallet's space. Most of our wallet inserts also feature a plastic tab, allowing them to fit snugly inside an open credit card slot or pocket.

Upgrade your wallet's functionality and storage capacity today with our top-quality wallet inserts. Say goodbye to cramped wallets and hello to organized convenience. Explore our selection now to find the perfect wallet inserts for your needs.

The popular double high hipster credit card holder is for wallets like the RFID Buxton Double High Hipster Wallet