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Fuel the spirit of exploration with durable, RFID-blocking wallets and adventure-ready accessories. From sleek travel organizers to rugged outdoor gear, these gifts are crafted to accompany the fearless on every expedition.

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  • WalletGear



    Carry six tools right on your key chain without anyone knowing the difference. A flat screwdriver, bottle opener, phillips screwdriver, serrated blade, straight blade, and a micro eyeglass screwdriver designed to look like a key. it easily can attach and...

  • Belt Pouch


    This is a great solidly constructed pouch. The front pocket has a Velcro flap closure. The sides can stretch to accommodate your smart phone. Also has a zippered section where you can put your keys, hand sanitizer, coins, credit cards, ID, money, etc...

  • Murse


    The man-purse is a fashion-forward bag, seen on many hipster guys. This murse is a bit smaller than a traditional messenger bag. The murse can be used to carry your man supplies, such as your smart phone, cash, credit cards, camera, and other gadgets...

  • WalletGear

    Versatile Belt Loop Bag


    Are you tired of juggling your essentials while on the move? Look no further! Our everyday carry pouch, with its double zipper design, is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to carry more in a convenient and stylish way. Here's why it's the ideal...